Masque Wé

Selon le site "Dan Guere mask-encrusted Product ID: 005219 Face mask Dan Guere people Liberia Wood, fur, sacrificial matter, wool Height: 12 inches. Width: 9 inches. Depth: 4 inches An extraordinary mask. White fur forms a beard, black fur forms sideburns, and crocheted yarn forms a headpiece. The patina is thickly encrusted. A superb mask. The Dan, who live in Liberia and the Ivory Coast, are governed largely by secret societies. The Leopard Society acts as a major regulator of Dan life, and initiates young men. Dan masks are characterized by a concave face, pointed chin, protruding mouth, upturned nose, high domed forehead, and a rich brown patina. For more information, and a similar example, see Bacquart's "TRIBAL ARTS OF AFRICA." "